We learned how to make wine at http://cbd.vcio.in/2013/02/02/wine-making-home-the-way-i-do-it/Ā – now let’s learn how to finish it!!

How to finish your wine

Ok we all know how to finish it by drinking it off; but I’m talking about a different kind of finishing here šŸ™‚

Basically if you’ve tasted grape juice, you know how ‘rough’ it tastes – often there is a lot more fibre in it than we’d want, and wine would taste similar if it’s not ‘smoothed’. Also the yeast would add in a slight bread-y flavour which tastes most unacceptable.

There are a few natural processes that occur that help the finishing.

First is the settling phase, where the yeast has finished processing as much of the sugar as it can, and dies off – it then settles to the bottom of the fermenting can and we can decant the clarified wine off the top. Even after this the yeast continues to settle; so this is not the end of it – ideally we then want it to sit as long as humanly possible so we get a clearer wine.

Next, is the forced-clearing phase, where we change something to remove the residual floating debris as much as possible. This includes:

  1. Filtering (using a sieve or a fine filter) – I use a superfine kitchen sieve specially for this
  2. Additives – I’ve only ever used Bentonite (fuller’s earth or what we call ‘multani mitti’ in Hindi); mix this in some warm water and then add it into the wine barrel; shake well. This binds to the floating particles and weighs them down to the bottom.
  3. Temperature drop – this is best done after adding in bentonite as it’ll cause the settling to speed up, and the wine clears faster

And we’re done! Let it sit for 1-2 months (remember longer the better) undisturbed, and then we move on to really finishing it šŸ˜‰


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