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The Internet Maxims for Absolute Compliance.

Every company in the world today is forced to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing IT laws, information security and protecting the company’s future from a government IT initiative. Each one has unique requirements – but they all use Information Technology. Currently, each one has to independently review a client country – their rules and regulations – and independently update infrastructure, ERP or other information warehousing processes to remain in compliance.

My focus is to create a set of fundamental rules – the fundamental maxims or commandments of the internet; covering IT security as practiced in a given region, privacy requirements of the region, the basic rules that apply in the region. And most importantly – the unspoken rules that apply. Every region – especially those that have a unique set of beliefs, traditions – have a standard of rules that must be followed, failure to comply can be fraught with consequences.

The fundamental maxims/commandments of the internet will apply to any organization (my focus is SMEs though) – and will allow companies to expand to new territories easily – they will already know what they need to regulate, what parts of their software they need to update, and what technology is available/unavailable to them.

Just as constitutions and religions have a concept of “fundamental rights” and “fundamental duties” – the internet, information technology and regulatory requirements – I believe – can be summarized into a concentrated form – the fundamental maxims of IT.

My research on this topic has evolved into the form of a book – The Techie Code for Business Leaders. I encourage you to explore this with your team and I believe you will all benefit from it.

Do reach out to me if you would like a complementary consultation on helping your business grow through technology.

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Chaitanya Dhareshwar

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