Spamhaus attack a good thing? Or is this World War III

How can I minimize the impact of this ongoing Cyber war – WW 3 – on my services and website? It’s up here.

The world has been on the brink of WW 3 for a long time now – ever since the 1990s there’s been attacks and bombings and everything – and in the back of their mind everyone knows that sooner or later something big is going to break out.

In the 2000s specially after the movie “The Matrix” – cyber warfare has been considered a very real and very possible threat. In this latest Spamhaus vs Spammers match, who will emerge the winner?

If the Spammers end up victorious – which would mean Spamhaus incurs major losses and is forced to shut shop – does that mean we’ll suddenly get 500x the usual amount of spam?

If Spamhaus ends up victorious – which would mean their resources and support far outweigh the Spammers’ capabilities – will the spam cease and Spamhaus become redundant?

Who wins and who loses?

Is this a World War? Definitely yes – all we need to do now is see the outcome.



Further, PCH’s Bill Woodcock has put up this really brilliant explanation of the DDoS attack that happened on Spamhaus: