Let’s start with the ‘bad’ bit first before we come to the ‘good’ bit. As always I will be unbiased in my judgement, and I’m continuing to use the device so it can’t be ALL bad….

In a word – Nauseating. With an average of 4-5 ‘hang’s per day I was already getting sick of the device until this morning when it comes up with a smart ‘Hard drive not found’ message.

Wtf, I mean you can’t even open the device let alone fiddle around with the hard drive…. 2 reboots didn’t fix it so tried again after removing both the sim card and the micro SD – and it booted (finally).

For a device that costs 41K you expect it to be more stable than my HP Probook 4440 (which cost Rs 36K) – but I’m happy to note that my choice of HP is better any day. Specially since it’s never malfunctioned for a whole of 1.6 years now.

On the good side – it’s a stable (until it hangs, 4-5 times a day) device that allows me to check email, read newsletters, watch movies, listen music and generally remain engrossed in office work on-the-move.

Disk read speed is pretty quick, playing an HD movie at 8x rate (muted) while on a Skype call doesn’t even slow it down. Camera is below average for a 5 megapixel device.

Overall, I’d say give them a couple of years to get it right or go for the HP.

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