I’ve been working on developing various fragments of Ocuara. All of this is of course in HTML5/Canvas; so it makes an interesting HTML5/WebGL capability preview as well.


The Lunar Lander! Ok this is relatively simple, but took only about an hour to develop. Basically when you reach one of the later levels in Ocuara you will be able to purchase a Space Shuttle and ‘mine’ asteroids and suchlike. The idea of this preview is to demonstrate the ‘landing’ part of the deal. Naturally you’ll have one bit of ‘launch’-ing, some travel, and one bit of mining after you land (all 3 are pending :)) but you can see this and send me your feedback on chaitanyabd@gmail.com.


The second demo is a Distillery. I guess this is the first “Distillery” game out there – you’re given 500L of Mash (ground up pre-fermented raw material for producing alcohol). You simply need to click through the steps to ‘purify’ it into its final stage – clear alcohol. You need to adjust temperatures, maintain fluid levels and empty out the still tank once its nearly full – quite a click-heavy adventure. And good learning too!

Naturally all of this is purely for fun, and you must not do any of this at home. Just play the game and enjoy!! It’s all free.

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