So over the past week I’d requested an evaluation by CIO Excellence, and here’s the result!! I’m planning to enroll for their CIE certification (I’ll probably start with one module – the costs are quite prohibitive – so will need to do this over time)

Our Senior Analyst has reviewed your answers and provides the following evaluation.

Based on our observations and our experiences in teaching CIOs how to be more effective strategic value creators over the last decade, we conclude the following:

1. You seem to have the business value creation perspectives of a CIO in a very competitive multi-billion dollar corporation.

2. You seem to recognize your need to improve your acumen and influence as a business strategy leader in the corporation. This is a very good sign.

3. It is also a good sign that you are very interested in improving a well-defined process for using IT resources to increase your company’s profits and grow your company’s customer base, although you already have one.

4. The fact that you are only getting occasional participation by most people who should be in your IT Governance meetings is an indication that the other Senior Corporate Leadership questions your relevance to the marketing, sales, and finance aspects of your business, but the fact that you are very interested in learning how to improve their participation is a good sign that you have the right attitude to improve in this area.

5. You seem to recognize the need to improve your leadership skills and have reported a strong desire to do so.

Next move => Large org (5~7 years).

Next move after that => Fortune 500.

Yes people, I’m definitely a Fortune 500 CIO in the year 2020. See you there.

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About Chaitanya Dhareshwar

Chaitanya Dhareshwar, a Technocrat | CIO.

Member of various key technology and management organizations (IETF, ISOC, CSI)
with 14 years of technology management & advisory experience
has transformed companies from "stone age" to "space age". I build high-scale, self-sustaining, self-service platforms. Passionate about technology, innovation and creating killer opportunities that only great tech can bring. I've led teams from 5 - 150 people, and am hands-on with all forms of technology.

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