In a funny turn of events we noticed one of the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet points on our server (HP’s DL380 G8) was running at just 100Mbps. A closer look at the adapter settings showed no option for 1000Mbps / 1Gbps!!

Important to remember: All Broadcom chips have an “Auto” option that also includes 1000Mbps / 1Gbps – unlike the Intel NICs which say “Auto 1000Mbps” the Broadcom guys didn’t feel it necessary to mention ‘Gigabit’ except in the name of the NIC.

Swapping the network cable resolved this issue immediately. Next time when the office is painted, we need to remember to hide the good cables… else the dummies here use LAN cabling as a tie wire for the power cabling, and then smother the whole thing with a liberal coat of paint.

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