Software projects, for BSc IT or Engineering students

We all know this by now – I won first prize in all the software competitions I’ve ever participated in. Ever since then, I’ve been asked to give ideas for BSc IT or Engineering students’ final year projects time and time again. Funny thing is all though running Wherrelz IT Solutions we made a lot of projects (over 300 up until 2009) but only agreed to take on a few students/interns for their live projects. Anyways, I think we’re now ready to offer guidance to budding engineers or ‘bachelors’ (lol) of science IT with their final year projects – includes: 1. Select a project 2. Construct the framework 3. Write the project plan 4. Create the project (programming et al) 5. Write project documentation 6. Implement design and make a complete product Which I should note was missing in my time! If you find this interesting feel free to contact me on +91.9820760253