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Not seen me on the blog much right? Well I’m doing my GMAT just now – booked a test date for 9th December 2013.
A bit of a background – I’ve always been an entrepreneur and technocrat, its a mindset that’s helped me achieve what I want and need with great ease. As an entrepreneur there comes a certain risk-taking & $-saving attitude, and as a technocrat I find the shortest, quickest and most harmonious path to my destination – using technology.
For me the social sector is one of particular interest, however not being a grass-root person myself it’s always been difficult for me to contribute. It’s at GiveIndia that I first experienced the ability to contribute my technology/management skills to the benefit of the social sector – in fact that was the core reason for me to join GiveIndia. We increased GiveIndia’s donation platform stability and accessibility – thus increasing the volume of funds we can now channel to our many NGOs. We can do more intensive web campaigns, we have a stronger technology team that can fix issues and explore new tech quicker… It all adds up and makes a difference.
During my Masters and after it I expect to remain involved with GiveIndia and other such ventures. However it’s my personal ambition to be the CIO of a Fortune 500 company, one that I feel will infact help improve the quality and effect of my work in the social sector. I can imagine the power of a Fortune 500’s technology team being put to use as a CSR initiative. It would immediately make available to a vast number of NGOs the kind of enterprise-level technology/management/process that has never been there before. Naturally the unseen impact of this will be at a global scale… Companies taking on larger CSR ventures as a form of competition initially, and then as a ‘norm’ because everyone else is doing it. This can result in a CSR revolution that nearly nothing before has ever achieved. I would like that.