@Entrepreneurs need not apply: Companies shun the self employed

@ Entrepreneurs need not apply: Companies shun the self employed

I’ve seen the exact same attitude from the incompetents that interview/hire for large organizations. They do not understand or appreciate the power and ‘entrepreneur’ can bring into any given task – entrepreneurs by default are talented, high intelligence people who have such an enormous commitment and such a strong feeling of ownership that will go the extra mile and even more to ensure their business is a success. When you hire an entrepreneur you make him part of your business – and then he’s going that extra mile for YOUR organizaton!

People who have hired me have been shocked at the extent of ownership and command over “MY” IT departments and “MY” team that I exhibit – and often come back to congratulate, thank and genuinely appreciate this of me. Surely most true entrepreneurs share his spirit, but with the lesser people that do the hiring, this word has no meaning. This article is very well written, but instead of offering a solution to “how to make the HR guy understand” they simply try to get you to accept this blatant and universally detrimental discrimination.

An organization would benefit greatly – and it’s that organization that loses out. The entrepreneur was born to make his own star shine and loses nothing – except maybe those few days/months of salaried comfort before he starts his next big venture.