The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

By Patrick Lencioni – superbly written.

This is a brief summary of what I came across in it; an excellent learning experience.

1. Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team
– Ensure people understand each other
– trust is key, and vulnerability is key to building that trust
– More time people spend understanding each other (not working with each other) better they are really able to achieve something while working together

2. Create organizational clarity
– Values, Mission and Vision
– Key culture
– Who is the competitor
– Key Target
– Responsibility

3. Over communicate the plan
– Keep repeating till over communication is achieved
– Groundedness is very important, glossiness blocks clarity and communication
– Discipline is key
– Ensure message goes into the system and sticks in the system

4. Reinforce the message through human systems
– Value-based hiring, culture fit
– Performance management including rewards
– Exterminate the pests: remove unwanted employees who dont fit

Key learning – A Healthy Organization is a powerful organization tending to perfection.