The Mayan Calendar – a turning point in our existance

Everyone – for the past 3 years has been blabbing about 2012 – will it bring death? will it bring armageddon?

The real answer lies within; as respected Master (Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari) has said it will be a year of great awakening. It’s the year in which humanity reaches a new level, a new peak of growth – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Naturally business leaders with a keen perception will notice this happening now. Naturally they will want someone who is experiencing the same growth as of course it is only those that can help grow – the business, the company, the bottom line – every thing.

It’s a wonderful time for someone like me to be in a contributory role, where the effects of this evolution can translate into greater efficiencies and benefits for MY company.

Equally as important is the psychological awakening – the Mind waking up from a long period of what now feels like, was someone else’s life. A calm collected acceptance of my place in this Universe – acceptance of the power we’re all gifted with.

A few years back I would have been the last person on earth to think about driving even 10 km – but just last month we drove Delhi to Mumbai (via Mount Abu) – a 1900 km trip in our new VW Polo.

And now I notice someone else also talk about the Mayan Calendar – I simply had to write this.

Thank you, The Universe!