I got a new car! Which is actually an old car… :)

So after much research and planning and thinking, wifey and me finally bought a car. A second-hand (4th hand if you count previous owners) model 1999 Santro. We had everything checked and were overall quite pleased with it.

I still need to put the pics up, but basically here’s the fun part:

We took this vehicle for a service to Hyundai’s authorized service station (hereafter referred to as ASS; no pun intended the abbreviation means a lot :). What we were told – they were clearly trying to fleece us – is “The car has a bad engine, bad suspension, bad wheels, damaged body – it will all need to be replaced”. DUH! We know for a fact that these things were in excellent shape before we bought it; but their quote of INR 3 lacs took the prize.

I mean we would have bought a NEW car if we wanted to spend 3 lacs…. so finally we decided to take our vehicle off their hands and to a reliable local mechanic (team-bhp highly recommends having a trusted local mechanic; now I know why!!) – and away from the ASS (the the money-sucking assholes therein).

It cost us just INR 2000. For a full tuneup, replacing some minor parts, patched up the crappy elements of the car and it’s goodish as newish.

My big plus point (I’m a fiddler) is that I get to fiddle with everything with no risk of voiding warranty. I tried out some accelerator tightening, and some clutch tightening, and stuff – with very good results!

Wifey (read: My Chauffeur) was so pleased with the mods! My next self-install upgrade will be HIDs (ordered and coming SOON!)