Macintosh Viruses – your Apple Mac is no longer immune!

For years, Mac users have been told that not only are they cooler than their PC counterparts, they are safer too. Apple has always held that computer viruses and malware dogged only its competitors.

That is no longer the case.

This week, security researchers discovered that a new computer virus had infected half a million Macs — about half of them in the United States. The virus is infesting the computers in the most surreptitious way possible: users need not manually click on any malicious links or manually download any malware to get infected. The program simply downloads itself. Once downloaded, the malware’s creators gain a back door that gives them unauthorized access to the victim’s computer.

“This is the largest scale attack on Mac OS X to date,” said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus software company, who has analyzed the malware. “And much more sophisticated.”

However what they’ve neglected to mention is a cure. I’ve found a cure, and it is currently in use in our company.

Do call me for more info.

Mobile hacking is on the rise – be careful what data you keep on your cell phone!

Latest update on the mobile data theft front – there have been 8.7 million mobile users hacked in South Korea – a shocking number any day!!

With the mobile becoming an easy to use accessory everyone wants to have their data at the touch of a finger… Apart from the traditional mobile theft you now have mobile data theft – where the mobile may be with you but the hacker can still steal your data. The best control for this – avoid putting valuable data (like bank passwords or credit card information) on your mobile. No matter what brand, no matter how carefully your mobile device is kept.

If you feel you have placed valuable data on your phone but are not sure how to remove it – please contact us and we’ll help you in the process.


I got a new car! Which is actually an old car… :)

So after much research and planning and thinking, wifey and me finally bought a car. A second-hand (4th hand if you count previous owners) model 1999 Santro. We had everything checked and were overall quite pleased with it.

I still need to put the pics up, but basically here’s the fun part:

We took this vehicle for a service to Hyundai’s authorized service station (hereafter referred to as ASS; no pun intended the abbreviation means a lot :). What we were told – they were clearly trying to fleece us – is “The car has a bad engine, bad suspension, bad wheels, damaged body – it will all need to be replaced”. DUH! We know for a fact that these things were in excellent shape before we bought it; but their quote of INR 3 lacs took the prize.

I mean we would have bought a NEW car if we wanted to spend 3 lacs…. so finally we decided to take our vehicle off their hands and to a reliable local mechanic (team-bhp highly recommends having a trusted local mechanic; now I know why!!) – and away from the ASS (the the money-sucking assholes therein).

It cost us just INR 2000. For a full tuneup, replacing some minor parts, patched up the crappy elements of the car and it’s goodish as newish.

My big plus point (I’m a fiddler) is that I get to fiddle with everything with no risk of voiding warranty. I tried out some accelerator tightening, and some clutch tightening, and stuff – with very good results!

Wifey (read: My Chauffeur) was so pleased with the mods! My next self-install upgrade will be HIDs (ordered and coming SOON!)