Word interop automation – the INCREDIBLY easy solution

After a harrowing time finding out why microshaft word doesnt work in automation – here’s the quick & easy:

1. Install office 2007
2. Install office 2007 SP2
3. Install the Redistributible interop assemblies
4. Open “MMC -32” – because the GREAT word 2007 is a shitty 32 bit app (which should have been obvious! I mean in this world of 64 bit apps and 64 bit servers and everything who WOULDNT use a 32 bit app)
5. Under DCOM Config you’ll find Microsoft Office 97-2003 Document [Surprise! It’s not 2007 Document]
6. Change it’s Identity to the administrator or otherwise “interactive user”

And you’re done! Your ms office automation for word will work perfectly!!!