IT Management in the travel industry

Recent thoughts: Does the travel industry need a different sort of Information technology – or do we simply need a different style/understanding of IT Management? Albeit a wide question to answer, the solution is simple: both IT and IT Management remain pretty much the same, it’s the *understanding* of the industry’s needs that are important.

You see as a VCIO one needs to be flexible in thinking and approach. While most managers would only be able to work in a given industry, technology managers (the GOOD ones) need to keep their mind focused on flexibility, learning and – more learning. The inherent understanding of an entrepreneur is in my opinion infinite help, as is my habit of using weekends for in-depth study.

The travel industry is one that needs real-time updates of the latest and the more innovative – second rate thinking is unforgivable. And not forgotten (by the industry) either because of the way things work.

While I’m of course not done here – every now and then I find my mind wander to the thought – “wonder what I will do next…”